Welcome! My name is Marybeth (one word, small ‘b’), but I am affectionately known among my friends and family as MB. This year, as I started watching the last months of my 20’s fade into 30, I had somewhat of a mid-life crisis. All of the things I wanted to achieve in my 20’s -start a blog, own a business, and teach yoga- were put on a shelf for ‘One Day’. After stress and anxiety starting wreaking havoc on my physical and mental health, I knew something had to give. I had the opportunity to quit my job, I finally signed up for the yoga teaching training I had been putting off for so long, and I decided to start documenting the whole process in this blog. I’m a gemini, which means that I basically have 2 conflicting thoughts going on at all times, and I second guess everything. Enjoy my neurosis! (:11020243_716676544041_7573229881807259586_n