This post is part of an 8 minute memoir project that I am doing. Details found here.

This picture was from a road trip that I took with my sisters last summer from San Diego to Pittsburgh. My sister Holly and her then-fiance-now-husband lived in San Diego for about 9 months last year while she was doing travel nursing. As much as I missed her, San Diego is hands down one of my favorite cities in the US so I was more than happy to visit her and soak up the sun and eat fish tacos.

When she was planning on moving back home, she asked both myself and our other sister Christa to make the drive back to the east coast with her. We happily obliged and booked one way flights out to the Best Coast.

My only stipulation for the road trip was that I wanted to stop at as many roadside attractions as we could. So, if the World’s Largest Ball of Chewing Gum was coming up in 3 miles, we were damn well going to take that detour.

We didn’t see many roadside attractions, but we did make a few (brief) stops at the Grand Canyon, the Sandia Peaks in New Mexico, and Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Once we left Colorado, the trip was more or less miles and miles of cornfields and states beginning with the letter “I”.

The trip was one of my most memorable weeks of my life, despite the fact that for every 10 hours we spent in the car, we did maybe an hour or 2 of sightseeing. We did, however, do a lot of jamming out to 90’s music and recalling stories from our childhood.

Shortly after we got back home to Pittsburgh, Holly got married, I bought a house, Christa went back to college, and we all went about our lives. We are all getting older now, and establishing our own lives, but for that 5 days it was nice to spend some quality time with my two ‘little’ sisters.

Sandia Peaks, NM Grand Canyon Garden of the Gods, Colorado CitySan Diego