This post is part of an 8 minute memoir project that I am doing. Details found here.

Brendan and I moved in to our house almost a year ago, which simultaneously seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago. We closed on October 15th, and our first few weekends here where a whirlwind of decorating chaos and endless excursions to Home Depot and Home Goods.

Fortunately, we didn’t need to do any major renovations to the house; everything had been updated fairly recently, even if it wasn’t exactly reminiscent of my Pinterest “Dream House” board. But still: locks needed to be changed, light fixtures had to be installed, blinds & curtains needed to be hung, etc etc.

And the painting. So, so much painting. We put up paint swatches in all of the rooms almost immediately upon moving in, and we started tackling each room. By “we” I mostly mean my mom: she helped out a TON with the painting during those first few weeks. I would come home from work to a painted kitchen or bathroom, almost like elves with a flair for home decor had let themselves in during the day. (Don’t worry, I plan to pick out an awesome nursing home for her one day as a Thank You 😉 . )

Anyways, we managed to get the downstairs painted and taken care of over the course of a few weeks, just in time to host our very first Friendsgiving in early November. Then came the mad rush of holidays and traveling; add a new puppy to the mix, and all home projects were abandoned indefinitely.

And so our master bedroom remained in a constimg_2259ant state of disheveledness for 10 months. Every morning I would wake up and stare at a blue paint swatch on the wall, it  felt like PennDOT had been contracted to do work on our upstairs (an analogy that will only make sense to Pennsylvanians). I decided that something needed to be done. We went out and bought a new bedding set and curtains, knowing that we just had to get started or it would never happen.

Two weeks ago I told Brendan that he absolutely, positively needed to take a weekend off from golf so that we could paint. Paint we did. We made quick work of it: him with the roller brush & me with the cut in work, and not a single argument erupted!

Overall, it took far less effort than I had anticipated, which made me wonder why we put it off for so long.  I could not be happier to be FINISHED. Not finished with the house, mind you. Just finished with the bedroom. Actually, not even finished with the bedroom- we still need to hang the curtains. But, it was a good place to start, and it finally gave us the push we needed to finish the rest of our home projects.