I took me a few minutes to mentally calculate what year it was and what grade I was in as an 8 year old. I’m not sure whether those count toward my 8 minutes in this exercise, but I’m gonna go ahead and say no.

The year was 1994. This was during my Catholic school days and was in second grade at St. Thomas More. My teachers were Mrs. Pillar and Mr. Baker. I remember that if you answered a question correctly on the chalkboard in Mr. Baker’s class, you were allowed to select 1 (yes one, singular) M&M from his candy jar. I remember Mrs. Pillar would volunteer on weekends at the county prison teaching inmates how to read, which is pretty badass.

My best friend at the time was Julia, and we used to concoct evil plans of ways we could trick Holly (who was 5, and my only sibling at the time) into getting in trouble. One time, my mom went into the store to buy paint and she had parked the car right in front where she could keep and eye on us through the window. I told Holly that it would be really funny if we opened the car doors and ducked behind the seats and pretended like we were kidnapped. Unsurprisingly, mom did not find this stunt to be particularly amusing.


I’m the one in the hat. Not the cute one in the hat, the other one in the hat.

I also remember wanting more than anything to be a contestant on Legends of the Hidden Temple (let’s be honest – this is a still a dream of mine. #lifegoals). Since making my way to Nickelodeon Studios was not in the plans, we would set up obstacle courses in the backyard instead. Our obstacle course was notably missing the anticipation of being captured by a temple guard, but when you are 8 years old,  you have an abundance of imagination so this was never a problem.

I spent a significant amount of time devouring every Goosebumps and Babysitter’s Club book I could get my hands on, because even as a child I had refined taste in literature. I’m pretty sure the rest of my time was spent pleading with my parents to pleeeeeeease buy me a Sega. It took months of begging, but I finally wore them down and I got a Sega for Christmas. True Story: I still have that Sega in my living room. Every so often when I want to feel like a kid again, I fire that baby up and play Sonic.