This post will be short and sweet- I am currently writing it at 7:30 PM from bed while I wait for a NyQuil coma to kick in. I had a mild cold all weekend, which over the course of Easter dinner,  turned into what feels like the black plague. So, forgive any typos or random steams of nonsense in this post.

I spent the weekend thinking about what Easter means; if it could be described in one word, it would be “hope”. Pure and simple, hope. When we are in the shadows of our darkest days, it can sometimes feel like the light will never break through the clouds. It is there that we must rely on hope: the faith that great things lie ahead of us, if we just keep pushing forward. The path might not always be illuminated, but it exists nonetheless.

When it feels like hope is lost, the best thing to do is focus on what you have to be grateful for. Sometimes it feels like there is really nothing to be thankful for, and during those times, you can always be thankful for the breath in your lungs. It might not be much, but it means that we are alive. I keep reminding myself that struggles are a blessing in disguise; I might not appreciate them now, but I will one day. In the mean time, I need to focus on appreciating what I can be grateful for right now.

I haven’t taken the time this week to fully appreciate all of the blessings that I have in my life because I’ve been too focused on my worries. This month I’ve gotten to go on two great trips, and spend time soaking up the sunshine. I’ve spent time with friends who are scattered across the country. I’ve had the time to read mindlessly and ponder consciously. I’ve gotten within spitting distance of humpbacked whales and eaten my body weight in guacamole. This weekend I’ve snuggled my dog, spent time outside, had great conversations with my husband, and eaten a wonderful meal with my family.

What I am most thankful for is the unwavering support I’ve had from friends and family through this transition in my life. Starting this blog was a bit nerve wracking, kind of like putting my diary on display for the world to judge. But at the same time, it has been cathartic. The support I’ve received so far has been nothing short of amazing. It can be so tiring to pretend like things are all good, all of the time. It is much easier to say, “This is me, unedited”.  Some days are good, and some days are not. This is life, and everyone goes through periods of darkness. What makes us human is realizing that we always have something to be hopeful for, and something to be thankful about.

So here is a HUGE thank you to everyone who has reached out and assured me that I’m not crazy. And equally important: to those of you who think that I am nuts, thank you for keeping that to yourselves!