This post will be a short one because I’m sitting in Carnegie Coffee with 20% battery left and no power supply. But, I need to write something if only to prove to myself that I am still capable of doing so.

Last week was a struggle, and honestly, this week has been much the same. It is really weird how some weeks I feel confident, and other weeks I question myself non-stop. It is a vicious cycle of highs and lows, and I need to focus on staying even-keeled through it all. Isn’t it strange how when everything is going well, you wonder how you ever get into a funk; and when you are feeling down, you wonder how you ever manage to have good days? I guess that is a good lesson in perspective- it’s always hard to imagine any state other than the one you are in.

This past weekend was our 3 year anniversary, and we went camping to celebrate. It was $100 to put the dog in the kennel, and $50 for the campsite, so I think maybe Kona got the sweeter deal. The past 2 years we haven’t actually celebrated on our anniversary because I was out of town both times- New Orleans for the first year, and on a cross-country road trip last year. Luckily, my dear husband hasn’t held it against me. Either that, or he’s keeping these transgressions in his back pocket for the first time he forgets our anniversary. ūüėČ

Nevertheless, it was a much needed weekend away. We were literally the ONLY ones on the entire campgrounds, probably because it was chilly and rainy most of the weekend. It was raining when we got there on Friday night, which made starting a fire and putting up a tent less than ideal. We only brought one sleeping mat (which I let B have), so I slept with my sleeping bag directly on ground. A waterproof tent and waterproof sleeping bag will only go so far- needless to say, I spent most of Friday into Saturday listening to him snore away, while I tossed and turned in what felt like a giant, wet diaper.

On Saturday, the weather was gorgeous and we went for a long bike ride, and then took a hike down to the river to renew our vows.¬†We bought some beer, cooked out, made s’mores and watched the Pens game from a tiny iPhone screen inside of our tiny tent. We managed to procure another sleeping mat, and let me tell you,¬†being warm and cozy inside of my sleeping bag felt like sleeping in the Taj Mahal. Again, it’s all about perspective!

Time always seems to move more slowly when we’re camping, which can’t be said about spending a weekend at a nice resort. All in all, the rain and wet sleeping bags made for good memories and it was a nice weekend away.¬†Nothing fancy, but totally us. On Sunday we came home and got to see both of our families on Mother’s Day. My parents had been out of town for a couple of weeks, so it was great to see them and hear about their trip. It had also been forever since I’d seen my in-laws, so it was nice to see them and catch up as well.

This weekend I start my Yoga Teacher Training which I am excited for. Two weeks ago, I started teaching 6 AM classes on Monday and Friday, and it’s been great so far (aside from waking up at 5). I think I will feel a lot more confident about teaching once I get this first weekend of training under my belt.

Anyways, I am running out of things to say just as my battery is running out of power- so I guess that concludes today’s riveting post!