I spent most of the morning going back and forth debating whether it was a “Be Productive and Write a Post” kind of Sunday, or a “Spend the Day In A Snuggie and Watch TV” kind of Sunday. It was mostly the latter kind, until a short while ago when I let the dog out to pee and he decided that it was an opportune time to make a dash for freedom, and I had to chase him down the busy street. This happened while I was barefoot and wearing the aforementioned snuggie, so at least it was a fun scene for the people driving by. Thankfully, both Kona and I emerged unscathed, although my day-old pedicure looks a little worse for the wear. After that  incident, I decided to put myself in a timeout with some hot tea and brain food music and unleash a stream of consciousness.

I’m pretty sure that I had one giant case of amnesia during the month of September, because it flew past. I’m not sure how 4 weeks of time elapsed unnoticed. August seemed to last forever, and then all of a sudden it was October and Autumn was like, “Put on your riding boots, we’re going to Starbucks for a PSL!”

You can add my voice to the chorus of people declaring October to be The Best Month Ever. I love October for the very same reasons that everyone loves October: pumpkin beer/coffee/candles, Halloween, pink  in the NFL, sweaters, and crunchy leaves. There is no truer testament to the Theory of Relativity than the fact that October lasts for approximately 36 hours while February lasts for 5,217 days.

Woefully, I know that October is going to be gone just as quickly as it came. Next weekend I start a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, which occurs every other weekend through the end of the year.  I also have a week and a half until my sister gives birth to my first nephew, and I am beyond excited to take on the role of Favorite Aunt. So here we are, one weekend in to October and I am mentally preparing to blink and be celebrating New Year’s. Truthfully, I’m more than ok with that. 2016 has kind of beat me up and I finally feel like I’m emerging on the other side stronger, albeit a little torn and tattered.

I was suffering from some blogger guilt earlier this week because I feel like my writing has taken a shift toward the ‘fluffier’ side of things. When I first took up residence in this corner of the internet, the overarching theme of my writing was Neurotic Mess. These days, it’s more anecdotal stories and  pictures of my life, and I’m feeling a tiny bit self-conscious about adding endless dog and house photos to the internet’s blog archives.

After letting self-doubt churn around in my brain for a while, I came to the realization that I need to stop beating myself up. This blog is an extension of my life – sometimes that means long soliloquies about anxiety, and sometimes that means pictures of paint color and puppies.  I could admonish myself for being less raw these days, but if I’m being truly honest, I am less raw these days. Having this blog as an outlet has been instrumental in helping me get past a lot of the anxiety that I wrote about early on.

Rest assured readers (and self) that when it is the dead of winter and the frigid weather is getting the best of me, my writing will once again return to deep thoughts and neurosis. Either  that, or you can except 1,001 typographic variations on “All Work and No Play Makes MB a Dull Girl” as my cabin fever takes over.

And now, I end this post with some pictures from this week:

I went upstairs on Thursday night to put away laundry, and came downstairs to this shit-eating grin, and a look that  says “Pay no attention to the open garbage can behind me. Nothing to see here.”

This weekend I painted the front door and bought pumpkins, because ’tis the season for front-porch decorating. I also added the sign, which says, “No Soliciting. While I appreciate that it is an election year and you are passionate about your candidate, I have zero interest in discussing politics with strangers. Thanks!”. Here’s hoping it works.

As I was typing this post, Brendan came in and said “It’s raining and the sun is shining, go outside take a picture for your blog!”. Thanks for looking out for me, m’dear 🙂

This is one of my favorite streets in the neighborhood. Red brick road, enviable gardens, porch swings, and flags galore- I smile every time I walk here.

Made it my mission to take a walk yesterday and get a closer look at this church. We can just barely see the blue onion domes from our house, so pretty!