You know when you have one of those weekends that feels so jam-packed, that you finally come home just want to reflect and relax instead of tackle the messy kitchen? Me, right here, right now.

Brendan had his first annual Yinzer Cup this weekend, a golf outing with his friends that he’s been planning and looking forward to for weeks. So I figured it would be an opportune weekend to send Kona to Camp Bow Wow and let loose myself. On Friday, my dear friend Katie and I had a dinner date (or as we call it, Wine & Whine) at Il Pizzaiolo. She can’t eat tomatoes, and I’m still going dairy-free so as we perused the menu, we laughed at the realization that an Italian restaurant was maybe not our best option. We were fortunate that our waitress was able to make some good recommendations for each of us, and I’m happy to report that the mushroom pasta was delicious, even after it was reheated this evening and eaten ravenously over the kitchen sink.

On Saturday morning I drove to Dayton to go visit Christa and play college for the weekend like the responsible adult that I am. I had my alarm set for 6:30 AM, but as 6:30 rolled around, Sleepy Me said “hell no” to that nonsense and went back to bed.

Our initial plan was to meet halfway between Columbus and Dayton and go on a hike, a plan that was foiled when I realized that in my haste to leave, I neglected to pack appropriate footwear for such an excursion. Luckily, I was informed that Saturday happened to be “St. Practice” day at the University of Dayton, which meant that we could wear green and day drinking instead. Crisis averted.

I made it to UD, put on a green T shirt and jeans, only to be told that I was probably overdressed. I stood there blinking in confusion at a world where wearing a green T-shirt would categorize one as “over dressed”. Apparently, when you day drink as a college student these days, you are supposed to wear athletic shorts and a jersey of some sort. Basically, you dress like you are a middle-aged man at any Pittsburgh Dive bar, and not like you are a 20 year old co-ed whose outfit is in direct competition with every other 20 year old co-ed.

I was also told that I couldn’t carry a purse, because that was a total freshman move.  Lest anyone confuse me for an 18 year old, my purse stayed behind and a said a silent prayer while putting my ID, debit card, and cell phone in my back pockets. Imagine my surprise when I learned that while a purse was strictly taboo, a fanny pack (preferably stuffed with beer cans) would have been highly encouraged. But I live in a parallel universe where taking a fanny pack to college would have made me the subject of ridicule, so I guess that’s my bad.


Natty: Still as shitty as I remember

I can honestly say that I never thought I would find myself drinking shitty beer with a bunch of people a decade younger than me, but as the kids say, YOLO. After you’ve downed a few warm Natty Lights, when someone offers you warm Franzia, you jump at the opportunity. I silently shamed myself as I drank White Zinfandel straight out of the bag. But then, I realized, a crowd had gathered! A crowd that was cheering for yours truly! A swell of pride built in my chest. Whatever were they cheering, you ask?! They were cheering, “MOM! MOM! MOM!”. They thought I was someone’s mom. Pride, burst. Shortly thereafter, I ran in to an actual Mom and we toasted to the ridiculousness of being grown women drinking cheap beer with college kids, and still having fun in spite of ourselves.

A few hours later, after we’d had enough Natty for one day (or in my case, lifetime) and it was time for dinner and a nap. We woke up around 8 and decided that more drinking was not in the cards and we were going to stay in for the night. So we made cookies and played water pong with her roommates. Spoiler alert: I’m still terrible at beer pong, especially when it is not played with beer.

This morning, we both woke up famished and wanted nothing more than to eat brunch. Lily’s, the place where we wanted to go to didn’t open until 11 and it was only 9ish, so brunch plans were altered to breakfast plans. We drove across town to a breakfast place, and the line was out thimg_2362e door, so we aborted that mission. We drove to a second establishment, but couldn’t eat there because it was 21 and over  and Christa didn’t have her ID. That mission was also aborted. At that point, I just reallllly needed coffee so we drove to a coffee joint, and as luck would have it, there was a food truck parked in front. Bingo. We stood in line waiting to order, and discovered that the food truck was being manned by only one guy who was in over his head. So after 15 minutes of waiting,  we aborted that mission as well. By that time, it was almost 11, so we went back to Lily’s and finally got the brunch that we had originally planned for.

I hung around for another hour or so after that, then made the trek home. All in all, it was a fun weekend of not acting my age with my little sister. And after a couple of days of being in separate places, I’m even more excited to go spend time with my favorite human and my favorite dog. Enjoy the last moments of Sunday, people!